Intersections of Personalized Learning

Next Steps

Once the 21st Century Learning tools have been opened up, its important to use them.  Isn’t it that way for all new things that you learn?

I have mentioned a few times how frustrated I am with the lack of a professional, online, collaborative community for music teachers.  I actually think that community is stronger for those teachers teaching elementary or middle school music.  I even think there is some sort of perceived or real divide between instrumental and vocal teachers; vocal teachers having a stronger, richer community than those teaching instrumental music.

My professional goal, that at the moment dovetails well with some of my personal goals is to find, create, participate in an online secondary instrumental music teaching community.

  • I have joined the #MUSICPLN group on Twitter (although, quite frankly, I find them to be much more technology awed than I was hoping for.)
  • I am considering starting a #BANDPLN on Twitter that has a “chat” on a week night about rehearsal techniques and technology uses.
  • I am talking with 3 other instrumental music teachers in the Twin Cities about their interest and participation in this, so we could do it collaboratively and not in a vacuum.

What else?


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